Product News - Rotator with adjustable box holders

NEW PRODUCT! New Rotator from Interthor – with adjustable box holders!

Unique and flexible solution, fitting different box sizes!

A large demand from the customers has made Interthor develop a new Rotator with adjustable box holders. This means that you can easily adjust the new Rotator to many different sizes of boxes and crates and in this way solve many jobs in companies, using different box sizes. The width of the adjustable box holders can be adjusted manually with a handle. 

“We have developed a unique and flexible solution for companies, who handle boxes with widths between 31.5” and 47”. Now this can be done with ONE Rotator”, says Jesper Jorgensen, VP of Sales at Interthor.

The Rotator can tilt crates and boxes, so that the user can reach the contents without stretching and straining the back. The Rotator can also turn a box 180º to empty it fully.

The Rotator controller ensures the user a precise and controlled acceleration/deceleration on rotation. At the same time it is easy to set the degree of tilt and the rotation speed. The controller has no relays and wearing parts, and the maintenance is therefore easy and economical.

The Rotator is also available in two other models – one with non-adjustable box holders which can be used when only one fixed box size is used, and one model with multi-purpose carriage which can be adapted to the individual requirements of the customer. On the Rotator with multi-purpose carriage it is possible to fix and rotate different items, such as tools.

”Our Rotator is an indispensable partner in all companies, in which emptying and filling of boxes, or rotating different items, are needed - up to 2200 lbs. And with our latest member of the Rotator family you can hardly mention a box or an item which cannot be handled!”, Jesper Jorgensen ends the interview.

Product News - Rotator with adjustable box holders