Interview with Mark Vind

A good mood, team spirit and helpfulness...

Interview with Technical Manager Mark Vind

Mark Vind

Mark is Technical Manager and during the last 28 years he has been employed at Logitrans, manufacturer of material handling equipment. On his way to the position as Technical Manager, Mark has had many jobs at Logitrans. Originally, he was employed as a machine technician in the design office. For a period, he was foreman, and eventually he has had his focus on quality, purchasing and product development.

Logitrans factory in China
For many years, the everyday life of Mark has included a lot of traveling, both in connection with outsourcing of parts since 2004 and visits at the Logitrans factory in China since 2009. Mark has always been one of the main responsible for production and quality at the Logitrans factory in China and spends 70-80 days per year in China. So far, the total number of trips to China is nearly 50!

According to Mark, starting up the new production in another country has been a very exciting process, including unavoidable experiences as well as challenges. “I think I would have wondered a little 28 years ago at my job interview, if they had mentioned that I should get one of the leading roles in establishing a Logitrans factory in China”, Mark says smiling.

Prepared for development
Like the rest of the world, Logitrans has also experienced ups and downs during the last 28 years. "Every good period is a pleasure - like now. You clearly feel the good and positive atmosphere here at Logitrans. In the difficult periods, we cooperate more closely to do our utmost. And we learn from these periods, and as organisation we are much better prepared for the upswing”, Mark says.

"During the recent financial crisis, many good colleagues have had to leave us. I am happy and grateful to be one of those who were given the opportunity to experience, influence and implement the relatively large changes which have helped restoring the Logitrans success”, Mark stresses.

Proud to be a Logitrans employee
Mark is proud to help improving working conditions at the Logitrans end-users and proud to be involved in designing and developing material handling solutions where only laws of nature and safety reasons define the limit. "And this is the general feeling at Logitrans: We are all proud of what we do!", Mark says.

A good mood, team spirit and helpfulness
”I am fond of my work – both in Denmark and in China”, Mark says. “On both locations I experience a great helpfulness and a great wish from all colleagues to carry through their jobs as good as possible. Everyone wants to fulfil the Logitrans objective to deliver quality products in due time and to the right price, so that Logitrans continues to be “the preferred supplier” of our dealers”.

”Our team spirit at Logitrans is high, and everybody is committed! The management focuses on our working environment and well-being. We help each other both in everyday working life as well as in stressful periods – and this really matches my own temper", Mark says.

Although Mark´s business card says ”Technical Manager”, you do not find any snobbish behaviour around Mark. He feels most comfortable in his working clothes with the folding ruler in his pocket. “In this way, I am always ready to do my job!”.

You reach the best results, when you are open-minded
Mark appreciates Logitrans´ flat management structure and openness, and the feeling that you are free to say your opinion in a given case. The management has a positive approach and is responsive to employees. This leads to a high participation and commitment. The management appreciates that the employees express their good ideas and comments to achieve a good dialogue concerning processes and production methods. This business culture was passed on to the new generations and is deeply rooted.

Mark has many years of experience and knows the most challenges and pitfalls in the processes at Logitrans. He likes to express his opinion to make the workflow as smoothly and efficiently as possible.