Logitrans was founded in 1940 during the Second World War – and has a long history and a lot of traditions…

A company - and an idea...
Both concerning product development and production processes, Logitrans has been abreast of the trends of time and customer requirements all the years!

  • 2015
    • Logitrans celebrates 75 years anniversary on 1 May
    • Gitte Kirkegaard takes over the function as CEO after her father, Erling Pedersen
    • Gitte Kirkegaard and Dorte Pedersen, Production Director and also daughter of Erling Pedersen, constitute the management of Logitrans.
  • 2012
    • More than 100 qualified employees with large know-how
    • Own production in both Denmark and China
    • Representation offices in France and Germany. Subsidiary in the USA
    • Direct export to more than 55 countries throughout the world
    • Approx. 90% of the production is exported
  • 2011

    Opening own production premises in China

  • 2009

    Starting up production in China

  • 2005

    Logitrans introduced a new and more modern logo

  • 2002

    Nisap and Logitrans merged to one company - Logitrans A/S

  • 1996

    The company introduced the quality control system ISO 9001

  • 1993

    Production of fully powered equipment started

  • 1982

    Nisap took over the export company Logitrans

  • 1975

    Erling Pedersen - took over the management of the company

  • 1970

    Switching from agricultural products to material handling equipment


  • 1957

    Production of hydraulic machineries 

  • 1945

    Production of agricultural machines started 

  • 1940

    Nisap Maskinfabrik was founded by blacksmith Nis A. Pedersen