Removal directions

Logitrans will reduce not only the environmental impacts in the production but also in the dispatch, application and disposal of the products.

Approx. 99% of the materials used for our products can be reused at correct disposal, and Logitrans offers in all cases to take back the whole product or parts of it and take care of the environmentally correct disposal.   
Our packaging principles and the material used are in accordance with the regulations of the Packaging Directive 94/62/EC. This Directive prescribes that only the most necessary packaging material shall be used and that the packaging material shall be environmentally correct, recyclable or reusable.   
When the trucks are operating, it is sometimes necessary to change hydraulic oil (every second year), pump and batteries. 
For these parts it applies

  • that the hydraulic oil is drained off the pump and delivered at an approved receiving station for oil and chemical refuse according to local legistration (in the instruction manual it is stated how to drain off the oil) 
  • that we offer to take back worn-down and destroyed pumps/cylinders and in an environmentally correct way destroy the parts which cannot be reused, and 
  • that the batteries shall be delivered at an approved receiving station     

Disposal of worn-down Logitrans products can be done through splitting up into the individual materials. Therefore is applies 

  • that steel shall be delivered to an approved refuse receiving station according to local legistation. 
  • that plastic materials (mainly rubber, vulkollane and nylon) for wheels shall be delivered at a refuse disposal plant.
  • that the ball bearings of the plastic wheels with plastic hubs shall be removed and delivered for recycling.
  • that some metal wheels with plastic coating can be delivered for recycling, but some of them have to be delivered at a refuse disposal site.
  • that plastic materials (glass fibre) for the battery cover on EHL, LL and ELF at the moment can not be delivered for recycling, but must be delivered at a refuse disposal plant.