Transport and stack two pallets Optimises the working conditions High flexibility and efficiency Quality at working height When lifting and tilting Easy and smooth transport Hygienic handling of goods
  • Twin Stacker
  • Rotator
  • Logiflex
  • Highlifter
  • Logitilt
  • Pallet trucks
  • Stainless

60 years of experience in Lifting Performance

Logitrans was founded in a small smithy and has a long history with a lot of traditions.

Today, Logitrans is one of the leading manufacturers of material handling equipment. More than 100 qualified employees within our development, production, sale and service departments are fulfilling customer requirements worldwide!

About Logitrans

Better working environment

We focus on the working environment, ensuring the users an ergonomically correct working day! The Logitrans products are designed, so that they can be adjusted to the individual user and application situation.

Health and Safety